LISTEN ON SPOTIFY | LISTEN ON APPLE PODCAST | LISTEN ON RADIO PUBLIC   For years I’ve received messages asking, would you start a podcast. For years the response has been, one day.   The truth is, if we keep saying one day, it never happens. At some point, before we are ready, we must […]

The Great Undoing Yesterday I promised I’d teach you how to fix the downward spiral that happens when your consciousness outgrows your current reality. The undoing we spoke about. It truly is a gift. It is guiding you to who you are at the core. Here’s the catch! Most believe they are growing into something […]

My heart and my mind were not walking hand in hand, tossed back and forth, side to side, stuck in the middle, there I was. Launched into a battle within myself Be nice. Set aside what you want. Do what is right. In the here and now of a 43 year old spiritually awakened woman […]

The struggles are part of life and are where our greatest growth lies, she responded when I said: “Life is not meant to be hard”.   Have you ever had that feeling of, of course that would happen to me?   Or… here we go again.   Perhaps… I’m not even surprised by it anymore. […]

I’m going to be really vulnerable here and share something that is going to make it easy for you to judge me. It’s been on my heart and I just need to let it out. I’m so tired of all the inspirational rah rah rah stories, the “this is what I do to fix x, […]

You’re wandering around saying yes to what you wish you could say no to and you’re saying no to what you wish you had the courage to say yes to. Take a moment and breath into that. The life you are living is barley resembling the one you desire to be experiencing, leaving you feeling […]

  There I’d lie in a full blown anxiety attack while the world around me was sleeping in complete peace. Not understanding why, suddenly it felt as though the world was caving in on me. I would surrender. There I’d lie willing to let it be fully experienced with a knowing that without resistance I […]

It was Aug 3, 2018, that I would share a, straight to the point rather abrupt post that would change everything. Rather than trying to improve what has already transformed so many lives I am going to share it with you just as it was… and then we will expand upon it. *warning, high energy […]