Some are great Story Tellers, I'm the "Liver" of the Story I Write.



I guide you towards hearing your inner whispers and to turning up the volume of your YES.

As a women’s Consciousness Coach, I work with leaders, innovators and visionaries who are living a life most only dream of but who are lonely for themselves. Your heart is just not in this "trying so hard” any more.

Life begins when you allow yourself to be seen with eyes that are deeply interested in who you truly are.

My eyes are particularly interested in your life as it's truest, fullest expression.

through eyes that bring you to life.

I am here to see you

i’m Angie


Resting at the summit, looking out you see it.
Your real life... right there, just out of reach.
It's buried beneath the very mountain
you've spent a life time building. 

A mountain of things to do, people to take care of.
A mountain of decisions and the outcomes that are produced.
A mountain of accountability to so many. 
While atop a mountain so many wish for, you've never felt so lonely for yourself.

Quietly you're experiencing the effects that success has had on your body, your relationships and your health.

a life so many wish they could call their own.

Your mountain IN life

You've climbed your way to the top of

Your worst fear is that you've done all this yet, you'll never experience the feeling of living fully alive.

You're being called to step up and into your life there, yet you're trying to build your new life on the patterns of your old and it's not working.

Do you actually want to rebuild?
Or do you want a whole new design?

 to some new world. 

You've walked through a doorway,

somewhere along the way

If not now, when?

I know you feel the homesickness, uncertain of where home is and yet certain you'll recognize it when you happen upon it. You must pursue this at all costs. This is who you are.

I see you.

(Because my visioning of your fullest expression begins with the embodiment of mine.)

as the lead role in your life

Take my hand and let me cast you

Oneness University India

– Sri Amma and Bhagavan
Transformation & Law of Attraction Expert
– Lisa Nichols

Master Integrative Energy Therapist & Teacher

– Carrie Stockwell

Yoga, Ayurveda & Tantric Expert
– Darlen Dean

Sex and Relationship Godess

– Psalm Isadora
Profit Coach

– Susie Carder

Master Marketing Consultant

– Frank Kern

Business Guru

– Courtney Foster-Donahue

The single most impactful teaching I have received, honour your teaches always.
To those I've shared here, to those who've quietly impacted the person I have become and those I've not yet met...
thank you for entering my life. Your offerings continue to impact the lives of many as I do my work.

I’ve trained/worked with:

IET - Certified Integrated Energy Therapist ,
An author, A teacher, An HD Manifesting Generator,
A believer of the unrealistic, A gatherer of wisdom,
A student of life, One who lives vs dreams, An herbalist, An Aries, A surpass-or of PTSD, Momma to an Angel, Constantly expressing myself through my hair.

I’m not:
Muti passionate.
I’m singular focused.

I'm Also:

On a life fully experienced
inside of true freedom


If I'm not in Bali


2-3 months a year


8-3 pm all summer


As often as possible




Teaching you how to do anything is a disservice.... unless I first guide you to uncover who you are.

Who you are, will guide you to:
 What you are meant to do.
The way you are meant to do it.
The most direct route to get there.

That believing it could  be that Simple, is the most difficult part of the Entire Journey

Deep inside, you already know it's that simple. And you're here because you're ready to Live The Story You'd Like Written About Your Life.

It's up to you to write a story worth reading.

That a true leader will only ever lead from actual lived experiences, which they have embodied the lessons of fully.

What we believe holds us captive... until we begin to live it, and then it sets us FREE.

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i believe

Angie has studied mindfulness, meditation, energy healing, plant medicine and eastern philosophies. Traveling around the world, studying with master teachers while learning the healing and spiritual ways of their cultures would lead her home to develop her own unique modality.

She was certified Awakened after completing a 28-day Deepening Process at the Oneness University in India in 2015 and was initiated as a Oneness Trainer after returning for her second process.

Angie believes that Self Embodiment and Transformation is about the journey that unfolds as you walk your path, not how fast you can get there. She encourages clients to discover the magic of coming home to themselves over and over for the trust and strength that it builds within.

is devoted to self embodiment and transformation through the weaving of science, energy and yoga.

Angie peladeau

Professional bio

Regularly leading courses, international retreats, and working with private clients, Angies offerings are a culmination of her training in energy healing,
hatha yoga, plant medicine and oneness. Angie supports your life and you business with her work. Offering you the opportunity to journey into the  fullest expression of your life.