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a 90 day coaching program supporting you in becoming who you need to be, to transform your goals and dreams into your reality.

There are few things in this world that will teach you as much about yourself as the forest ...

COME WANDER THE WOODS AND RETURN TO WHO YOU’VE AWAYS BEEN. The Apothecary Tribe is a culmination of 9 years of hands on practice and study. It was inside of these years that I stepped fully into all that I am today.

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This summer come spend 2 weeks on our beautiful 36 acre property and enjoy our 200 year old log home. This property is home to workshops and gatherings, should your stay be happening at the same time, you are invited to join in.  Our WorkTrade program runs in 2 week increments which will begin in May.

Angie is a certified Permaculture Designer and educator. Our property is designed with Permaculture in mind and sustainability is our focus.


every wild woman returns to the forest to