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Bali indonesia


To close your eyes and feel the experience
you desire to create.

To ask.
To believe.
To release how it will all come about.

And then, the day comes and you arrive within it all.
This is how my yearly offerings of Bali began.

before it has even begun.

To feel it become

To see something so clearly.

Dreaming of Bali

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Magic that lasts long beyond the time you are resting inside her arms. Magic that ripples out into every area of your life as you return to that place you call home.

Feeling a lightness.
Radiating light.
An energetic elevation.
So few of her many, life lasting gifts.

She is a land that will call you back over, and over and over again
for when you experience her within you, you are reminded.....

This is who I am.

BALI the land of MAGIC


from $1500

Small group retreats offer participants the exploration of a lifetime. A beautiful mix of personal and group experiences offer you the opportunity to refresh and renew each day.

small group

from $13,000

For couples desiring to bring more into their relationship through the adventures this world has to offer.
An experience which will remind you of the magic existing with in yourselves and how powerful you are together. 

privtae couples

from $9000

A customized offering designed to offer you space to truly connect with yourself. An experience that leaves you hearing what your life is speaking to you and how you are being called to step into your most vibrant expression of it.

Private 1:1


My trip to Bali was an amazing experience. I haven't travelled in ten years so I was just letting it all happen and trusting this path. I was prepared for the flight, it is long but that is just a small part of the journey.We landed in Bali and I was in love right away. The people greet you with such warmth and happiness, it is infectious. I felt safe and knew this was going to be what I needed. Some time to rediscover being me.Angie planned the trip especially for that. A little introduction to the life in Bali each day. Each day became more amazing than the last. I didn't feel I needed three days to acclimatize, she did that dance for us. The food was gorgeous, I'm Vegan so not so easy when travelling. Yet I had so many choices offered me, it made me feel right at home.Each experience brought me closer to myself and what I loved about travelling. We became immersed in why Bali is a gift. We were part of their community, their celebrations, their food, their culture, their families. Traveling is about understanding and receiving the gifts of other cultures to bring light into your own life. We enjoyed an abundance of this. I had trust in Angie before we left, she had creating a trip that was created for all of us yet also individually. It was life changer for me, we weren't just tourists, we became closer to ourselves by living the Balinese way.

 Laura Jean Starkey

Shaped, shifted, and completely transformed.

For the one who’s willing and READY to say YES to their heart, to their soul, to what is much greater than themselves, this is for you.

This is where what has been ceases to exist and is replaced with what is meant to be.

It’s where silence brings answers.
It’s where the unknown becomes known.
It’s where illogical is the most logical thing in the world

You’ll wake up in a land, off the beaten path. In the village of two sides. Where what once was, still is. Quaint, quiet, filled with heart and magic.

Immersed in the country side, harvesting foods to prepare for our feast. Winding your way through rice terraces.

Lounging in the jungle river. Wrapped in the arms of musical vibrations. Playing with the plants, who’s gifts you will soon know how to turn into the most luscious spa experience of your life. And resting in a land that the Balinese know to be unlike any other.



There is a magic on those islands. You’ll discover so much about yourself.
You'll embrace a warm, loving, helpful, trustworthy culture that is like none you’ve ever experienced.

I know this because that 's how I was feeling, I was you, and there are no words to describe to you
how much this experience has forever changed me.

If this speaks to you, say HELL YES TO YOU, and book it."
Kate Moodie

stressed out, overwhelmed and overworked. It seemed that I was doing everything for everybody, every day...but nothing for myself.
I was ready to push myself outside of my comfort zone and go on an adventure! I signed up for Angie's women's retreat, "Return to Self"...which landed me in Bali!

This experience allowed me to meet new people, recognize self growth, and embrace new activities all while being immersed in the cultures and traditions of Bali. Angie is a kind and gentle spirit and it was a joy to spend a few weeks in her company".  Lisa Ferguson

I had no expectations of this trip, other than going on an epic adventure with one of my best friends. 

We were an amazing group of women, all desiring to experience a trip of a lifetime. 

And  WOW, we did!! 

Heather Snow

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    I'd always wanted to go to Bali. The photos I 'd seen were beautiful, I'd heard the people of Bali were like no other. I sent a message out to the universe one day asking to go. And never thought about it again, It always seemed so far away..... to go halfway around the big blue marble seemed impossible, I hate long flights.

    Then I got the invite, and decided to say YES to the universes call. (some times we don’t pay attention to these calls) I thank Angie, and my friend that had said yes already for the nudge.
    Then it began. I fretted over the flights, I fretted over the amount of time that I would be gone.
    My husband told me to suck it up, and get on the plane. I’m so grateful I did.

    I had no expectations of this trip, other than going on an epic adventure with one of my best friends.
    I was asked to trust and just wait for the details of the adventure to unfold as they came, to trust my Tour Guide Angie to show us beautiful Bali as she loves it. Going on such a huge trip with people I didn’t know was another concern. Once we all met my anxiety shifted to pure excitement, we were an amazing group of women all desiring to experience a trip of a lifetime. And we did!!

    It was all so beautiful, so amazing, so impactful. The people that we met were just as happy to meet us as we were to meet them. We were treated like family from the moment we arrived at our first hotel. They let us see and be part of things that most places in the world you would not be privy to.

    The Balinese culture is so in-depth, it filled me full of wonder. I asked so many questions and they always answer them. They invited us into their homes, their temples, their lives. I have never felt more safe in a foreign country than I did in Bali, for this I am genuinely grateful.

    The cities were full of adventure amazing food, so many things to see. The countryside was magnificent in its beauty. I received so much from this trip: learning about an amazing culture, learning that I could fly halfway around the big blue marble and not perish. It was an amazing experience.

    I brought home their unconditional friendships. I want to live a much more simple existence, like they do. It’s hard to put into words. I am truly blessed to have had the experience and will not hesitate to go back when it’s possible for me.

    PS. I learned how to travel with just a carry-on bag, that was huge for me I’m usually the girl with the big giant suitcase full of shoes.

    Heather Snow