"I have been shown how to look deep beneath the surface where my truth lives.
In the depths of it all, I understood why I was experiencing things in my life the way I was"

Everyone has a past, it’s time to INVITE YOURS, TO work for you.

Designing a successful future by bringing your undiscovered gifts of the past forward.

Freedom and success are experienced the moment you stop standing in your past and you begin standing ON your past.   

The rebel within

Planting a Seed For The Quest Of Freedom 

Is a 6 part audio training which will support you in transforming what has been holding you back, into the unique abilities, strengths and gifts needed to live your dreams.

 A journey of transforming and transcending that which you have identified with for oh so long, allowing your soul to move forward and step into the newness of what awaits.

Explore the freedom of weaving your unique abilities, strengths and gifts into a tapestry representing the perfection within all of your sacred parts.



with this training

You will:

Recognize the experiences in your past that are continuing to negatively impact your life today.

Be able to discern when the things you are doing {with the intention of creating positive change} are actually keeping you stuck in your past traumas.

Identify the areas of your life where you have been unconsciously holding yourself back.

Gain clarity and understanding of why.

Intentionally step forward with confidence and enthusiasm creating a future of success and freedom.

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The Rebel Within is a compilation of my deepest life lessons that came to be while sitting on a meditation cushion in India, in silence for 30 days.

It was the beginning of a journey that would lead me to a freedom I had not ever experienced before.

An awareness and understanding of how much of my past was alive and active in my current life was unavoidable. The truth of the impact my past was having was alarming and the only available option was to dive in deeper.

The greatest gift I would receive would be the ease of shifting what had been holding me hostage in my own life. Transforming traumas into triumphs would ask me to come with a willingness to discover what had not yet been discovered and a child like curiosity that would lead the exploration.

All of it leaving me with a deepened understanding that.....

Life is not meant to be hard. (You can) Let it be easy!

A gentle self discovery journey guiding you to a deepened understanding of where your earlier life experiences are impacting your life today and how to move beyond them.