This is the magic of our year together. Will you join me?


Sunbathing at 8am with coffee in hand in our pj’s, the kids wandering out one by one. It is our summer weekend ritual. Our porch is where dreams are safe, when laughs only come with love and where you are expected to dream your biggest dreams. When you see your children's eyes light up, when your teenagers want to gather together with you, when their voices become loud in the best possible way, you put quiet mornings on hold.

“What’s your biggest dream that you dare to dream?” This had become our weekly reflection.
Sometimes they’d look off into the distance and begin to share, sometimes they’d roll their eyes, sometimes they’d giggled and say they’d been thinking about it all week! Pascal (my husband) would look at me with nervous eyes, knowing I’d be waiting for his dream.
One by one they’d share. 
Pack up and backback around the world for 6 months all by myself.
Do parkour (an extreme sport negotiating obstacles by running, jumping, and climbing)
Learn how to surf.
His eyes still looked nervous, quietly he’d say "fly"!

We talked about the why’s. They told stories pretending they were already doing it and as soon as there was a pause Pascal turned to me and asked, so what about you?

My chest began to tighten, tears welled up in my eyes and I realized that I had forgotten who I was. I forgot how to be in a world where I no longer had to fight for my life and the physical well being of my children. I didn’t know how to remember, how to dream again. I had spent 10 years in survival mode. I knew how to do what needs to be done and I knew how to care for others. I knew how to keep them safe and alive.

On cue as though they knew this very thing was going to happen, one by one they would begin to ask the question I used to ask them, when I was teaching them how to dream.

Without thinking about it, what is the first thing that excites you?
If no one could tell you no, what would you do?
If you didn’t need to know how to do anything differently than you do right now, what would you do?
If you had all of the money you needed, what would you do?
Tears turned into streams. The panic was stronger. Fear was deeper.
And then she knew what to say.



"You don’t need to know what you want to do, how is it you want to feel inside of this one life?" she'd ask

"I want to stop feeling so tired."

“What’s even truer than that?” she’d ask.

"I want to feel awake, wide awake in my life."

There we sat, in complete silence, soaking in the sun, sipping coffee, children looking at one another out of the corner of their eyes as though to say….. we are all going to be ok.

That was the beginning of my Spirit waking up, it was when I began to remember how to dream and who I was. It was when I knew that it was safe to start looking within and asking what it is I most want in this life.

A year ago I was terrified to dream about what could be, because nothing felt stable. I was scared to look inside of myself in case I missed one of them needing me. I was scared that I could make it all happen for them, but what if no-one supported me, in making it happen for me!

I picked my fear up, I drew it in close to my chest and slowly I walked forward while holding onto it. I picked it up because I knew it was a part of me and if I finally nurtured it rather than fought against it, I would feel safe to release its grip.

That moment of stepping forward by sharing my truest truth, while surrounded by those I love reminded me I WAS ALREADY SUPPORTED. At that moment I could feel my spirit waking up.

This story of sunbathing in pj’s, dreaming our biggest dreams while sipping coffee doesn’t paint the picture of an awakened, successful businesswoman with a magical life.

My stories often being with a sharing of deep personal truths, lived experiences and adventures had. They are the stories of awakening, of growth, of transforming traumas into triumphs. They are the stories that have transformed lives and led to dreams being lived. They are stories of walking prayers of let it be easy and they are all of that because my stories are your stories just as your stories are mine. They are where we find ourselves, remember who we are and become all of that over and over again. They are where we live inside the magic of how, create the feelings, release the stuckness and step forward while being supported and held.

This story of sunbathing in pj’s, dreaming our biggest dreams while sipping coffee doesn’t paint the picture of an awakened, successful businesswoman with a magical life.

Over and over I’d stand doing dishes feeling lost. There I was supporting everyone else and at the same time feeling so alone. I wanted the voices to stop. Stop saying I was strong. Stop saying I should just be grateful. Stop saying I should know better than to expect anything from anyone else. I was tired of going it alone. I was exhausted being the strong one. I didn’t want to have to figure it all out, all alone anymore. I have hidden from the truth of how I’ve felt inside by focusing on others for so so long.


I have wanted to fade away and hide.

I have prayed to just be normal.
I have lived in worry and fear.
I have been ridiculed by others and that left me feeling broken.
I have felt taken for granted and taken advantage of.
I have believed that good things just don’t last for me.

Things looked fabulous while I was living in crisis.
I smiled anyways. I smiled a lot. When I finally reached out for what I needed I was told it couldn't be as bad as I was making it because I looked so happy. And I was, until everything else took up all the space and there was no room left for happiness.

I was stuck at the crossroads of personal growth and self sabotage - it's a cross road that cannot be avoided.
A few years back I began to practice something new. Inside of every thought, belief and trigger I would ask myself “what is a truer truth” When I lost the fear of discovering truth I gained the experience of #letitbeeasy. Truth is my superpower.

Last year my exploration of truth became the deepest yet, it was a discovery of my Spirit Awakening. It was a space I allowed myself to see the truest of truths. To feel the feels of what I had pushed down so it could be set free. To stop pointing fingers outward and to compassionately point them inward. It was a year of finding myself again. Quieting the noise. It came with the deepest adoration for what was true and real to my spirit, without concern for what “normal” may be. It dissolved the question, when will it be my turn and I created my turn. It was a deepened understanding that what I was looking for from others was something only I could give myself. Bathing in that gift daily, an awakened spirit that I was nurturing, that was reminding me of who I am and what I most desire, without the resistance.

When truth was no longer something I needed to fear. When what I unearthed was never made wrong or used against me. When I looked for what I had been hiding from, I became free of what had been stuffing down and I felt more alive than I ever had.

What if there were....

What if there were invitations, practices and promises of new truths to guide your year?

What if everything you have been carrying was allowed to be released?

What if your deepest desires were revealed to you inside of a Softening To Self, inside of a love for the woman that you have always been, a love that only you can give to her?

What if the connectedness you have longed for was exactly what those gathering with you, desire?

What if you gave yourself permission to make this {your} year, with a deep knowing that it will enhance every other relationship in your life?

What if loving her more was your practice, daily?

What if weekly prompts, and truer truths, led your week?

What if your unspoken words, were given a voice and received by women waiting to respond… I hear you?

What if gathering with other women created more space in your life for you, where desires are not only shared but lived? 

What if Radiantly Alive iterated from a word to a feeling, an experience which you began to live inside of every day?


12 months of being held inside of becoming,
beginning on the October New Moon ::

You will find all of our work waiting for you in your inbox. In addition it will also be found that same day inside of our private group. This will offer us the opportunity to explore it deeper and share anything that has surfaced in a group thread.

With each New Moon, there will be an email which includes: a deep personal truth sharing, meditation, and a practice.

One monthly transformational talk video. 3 weekly expansion prompts alternating Loving Her More, Softening To Self and All Of Her Parts. An invitation to join our monthly virtual call will also come via email.



Something I deeply observe are boundaries, both my own and others. Honouring time, space, and energy feels nourishing to my soul.
That same honour I extend to you, to see you, hear you and travel with you. Much of our journey will live on the edges, creating both the freedom and boundaries that facilitate our greatest growth. 

On this edge we dance with creating the boundaries which we most desire. How can social media be integrated into our lives in ways which support our truest desires? How can we reclaim it in ways that allow us to feel safe? Can we come together inside of a space while simultaneously saying no thank you being drawn into the mindlessness it can come with?

Often Social Media feels less than expansive and often we wish not to participate in it, this platform offers us the opportunity to hon personal boundaries. To say yes to showing up for self, to say yes to being seen, to say yes to practicing sharing our voice……inside of a safe, sacred container.

You are invited to join us if that feels good for you.



On the last Sunday of the month we will join together. You will receive an invitation via email to join us. The dates are listed below and the times will rotate as to accommodate all time zones. Specific times will be shared as soon as our circle registration comes to completion. November 24th, December 29th, January 26th, February 23rd, March 29th, April 26th, May 31st, June 28th, July 26th, August 30th, September 27th, October 27th.


In Spirit Awakening we will be coming to completion with a deep inquiry of, What is she asking for next? As we sit inside of deep listening and integrate all that we have become throughout our year together we can intuitively hear the response to, what is next?

For those who are joining Radiantly Alive there will be a gentle shift from one into the other. From the asking of, what is she asking for next into Visioning her next into being. In November this new circle is about stepping into the Awakened Spirit you have become and a beginning of now living and integrating the awareness’ you have drawn near.


This is a membership offering lasting 12 months. An automated monthly payment will be withdrawn each month for a period of 12 months from the date you registered.

There are two membership options, Radiantly Alive, $57.00 monthly AND

Radiantly Alive Accelerate and Awaken, $107.00 monthly, which I share more about below.

We begin October 27th, and open our circle with the New moon.

put me on the wait list for next year

Let’s return once more to Truth Telling.

I have wanted this life of Spiritual Growth, and Awakening to look and feel like a fairy tale. I have wanted it to lead to my biggest dreams being realized. I have tried over and over to add more amazing on top of amazing in hopes that it would stick once and for all, that the stagnation would finally and permanently dissolve, that the feeling of blah would never return……The truth has been, there was so much I had to be willing to see, to own and then release before anything amazing could permanently find its place in my life.

Who I am is a seeker of truth. A listener of the unspoken word. I adore truth telling, it’s what we feel are our darkest stories. It’s inside of the stories of what has been, seeing the hold they have had on us, and the understanding of their purpose in our lives that allows for them to come to completion, gifting you with freedom from them.

I teach from personal truth, from lived experienced, from Claircognizance. I teach through my questions which will always guide you deeper into your own truths.

This is how I will lead you.

Vibrational Frequency, accessing intuition, dissolving energetic blocks, transforming trauma into triumph, receiving source guidance, dissolving anxiety, collapsing time living your most desired life quicker, sooner, faster…..these are the conversations that light my soul on fire.

I’m inside of 28 years with my husband, 4 children a grandchild and 3 businesses between us. Together we live the duality of passion. Passion in love and passion in everything that is loves opposite. It is lonely, so much of the time. There are not easy answers. I am continually returning to the question, “what is a truer truth?” I am dedicated to my personal journey, my happiness, my growth, my expansion, and to live that I must return over and over to explore what is actually happening within me at any given time. I am committed to breaking old generational patterns within myself and for my family. We have chosen to live this life together, in all of it’s ups and downs. That choice had led us to move deeper into understanding. It has led us to have a willingness to be curious. It has led us to learn how to take action in times of feeling like our feet are frozen. There are moments inside of everyday that we spend learning how to UN-learn, we lean into releasing old wounds, we commit to leaving old generational traumas on the doorstep so they do not impact our children's lives the way they impacted ours.

This year long journey is my heart's deepest desires all brought together. It comes as a result of my last year being dedicated to Awakening My Spirit on levels that I could not access previously. It is a beautifully woven tapestry of all four of our energetic parts: emotional, physical, mental, spiritual.

We will sit together, taking turns sharing and listening, you will be heard and held. You will become comfortable taking up space in the most beautiful ways. We are going to have deep conversations around healing old emotions, releasing the suffering you are holding onto, recognizing what’s holding you back, witnessing where the energy is stuck, what it takes to live a fulfilling life, finding your peace and setting boundaries -as a parent, as a partner, as a friend.

I’m not focused on you living your dream life, I’m focused on you releasing what is keeping you from it. I’m not concerned that you find the perfect love, I’m concerned that you begin to love you perfectly. I don’t care how you want tomorrow to look, I care about what you are carrying forward from years ago that is ruining tomorrow before it even arrives.

If there is anything I know too well it is transforming trauma into triumph. I know how to transform lives. I know how to hear what you are not saying. I know how to guide you into yourself so that you can hear a truer truth.

You are going to begin to remember who you are before circumstances defined who you have become.

I can coach you through relationship problems. I can coach you to build a 6 figure business. I can tell you everything you want to hear but at the end of the day, YOU will always be right there where you left off until you decide to change where YOU were left. Nothing is going to move you into the life you have been saying your worthy of until you are ready to implement and integrate releasing everything that has held you back.

Those you admire most, the ones that light up a room when they walk in, the ones that are beyond confident and humble, the ones that seem to communicate their needs effortlessly and unapologetically…..they have found their truer truth. They have done the work of self study. They have had a willingness to see what most resist seeing about themselves.

I have spent over a decade learning to LOVE to see where I suck. It’s in seeing, that I have been gifted the deepest realizations of what I can shift and how I can transform my life by simply seeing “real” truth.
It was after repeatedly living the same relationship issues, others not respecting my boundaries, living tragedy after tragedy, feeling taken for granted, and like no one understood me that I knew I had to do something differently. I began my journey alone, sitting cross legged, in silence for 30 days on the other side of the world. Never having let my husband for more than a night, I’d say goodbye. Not knowing what the truer truth was, that was waiting to be found I trusted. I did it because I wanted a life that I felt Radiantly Alive inside of.

My reasons may not feel very luxurious. Not wanting my children to have the burdens of previous generations, wanting to heal a broken marriage, wanting to be heard and valued, wanting to feel light and alive, needing to feel like it was safe to move forward free from the heaviness. Or maybe it was simply because deep inside I knew there was a Truer Truth. That this life was not meant to be so damn hard.

There is no perfect time for you to do this work, there is only your time, which I believe is now. It’s also tomorrow, the next day and the day after.

Each month you will be invited to accept a IET (Integrated Energy Therapy) distance session to accelerate and support the release of emotional energy blockages that are impacting your life today. Releasing a lifetime of emotional traumas, which has been manifesting inside of our lives and impacting our ability to communicate our needs and desires in ways that can be heard and understood by others.

It’s the shame of that sweet little girl that didn’t feel like she was enough, or was taunted at school, the shame that holds her back in an attempt to keep her safe today. You are ready to release that shame and I am honoured to support you as you do. Guilt, Fear, Anger, Resentment, Threats, Betrayal, Shoulds, Distrust, Stress and Powerlessness they have been impacting your life and it’s time to allow them to go.

I will guide you back to wholeness where you will remember the truth of who you are.

For the Radiantly Alive -
Accelerated Joy members

There will be an additional private FB group, you will be a part of both groups. I will hold 1:1 mentoring calls, and FB Live’s where you can ask any questions and share any resistance you may be feeling to ensure we keep you moving forward. Your work inside of Radiantly Alive will prepare you for, and enhance your experience inside of our Accelerated Joy work.

I will share embodied learnings and stories of how they came about. I will offer you deep inquiries, which will allow you to flip the script, transforming what has been into what has been waiting to be. I will guide you through deepened understandings, and offer you a new way of being. You will choose what inspired actions to take each month based upon both the release of what no longer serves you and the remembering of your truest truths. You will decide what you are ready for. And what you’re not ready for yet.

Each month inside of our circle YOU, with my support will will choose your personal inquiry of a Truer Truth, moving closer to living your life Radiantly Alive. 

Together on a virtual call we will explore both desires and fears, we will find the truest truth within both and create an action map based upon inspired actions. 

During our calls I will offer you some deeper explorations and practices to integrate throughout our month ahead. We will bring together the truths of previous months, your deepest desires of living the feelings of Radiantly Alive and what you are willing to release, then we will design an aligned action map which will integrate into your Radiantly Alive - Accelerated Joy days with ease.

Each month I am going to guide you deeper into one of your four beautiful parts. I am going to ask you to discover yourself with a new willingness and with a deepened sense of compassion. I call them your Truer Truths, and together we will do the doing of releasing, recognizing, finding and remembering. You will choose the depths of your discovery, I will gently nudge you to explore further, offer you guidance as you push against the blocks, teach you how to answer your own questions and show up with you and our group.



We will join together on the Second Sunday of each month. The dates are listed below and the times will rotate as to accommodate all time zones. November 10th, December 8th, January 12th, February 9th, March 8th, April 12th, May 10th, June 14th, July 12th, August 9th, September 13th, October 11th.


Accelerated Joy memberships will be limited to keep our group and our work intimate, This is a special offering for those ready to show up and invest in accelerating all areas of their life. Each gathering will have its own focus and that focus will be guided by each of you. You will explore both your fears and desires, I will guide you deeper into each and together we will tease out your inspired actions for the month ahead.

How to live your desired feelings - how to live it before it ever arrives, what actions to take.

Releasing what has been - we have let it go over and over, forget about it, move on they say, we do but then…. it’s back. You just don’t know how to let go of it once and for all!

Truer Truths - all of this time you have been telling yourself…… and yet at the core..... is the truth. You will have the freedom that truth has to offer and learn that to finally let it be the truth is what will set you free..
Inspired Actions - “It’s so easy for them, they know what they need to do, they have more support, it didn’t take them this long…” allowing what doesn’t align to dissolve and choosing your focused actions for the month ahead. 

How are you going to show up for you to create the life that you most desire to live and feel? This is where we will return to each and every month.


All calls are prescheduled for your ease of making them work. Please remember, this is your commitment to you. This is your journey. Our Sunday calls will be recorded and shared inside of our group by Monday in the event you cannot be present. You will want to ensure that you set aside time to watch them, do the work as though you were present and the join in the conversation within our Facebook group.

I have participated in many online workshops/programs with Angie over the years and always come away from them a little more enlightened. Angie has a direct, tell it like it is, no bullshit approach all while being kind, caring and encouraging self discovery. I have grown so much over the years and am so grateful to have found Angie who always makes me want to be the best version of myself.

Thank you Angie ~ Karen Martin

I've sat with the reflection of where I was when we came together in Spirit Awakening last November and where I am today. To help me express the significant change I feel I pulled a card from each of my oracle decks. Boy did they deliver much truth to reflect on!

When we started I was feeling disconnected....from myself, from the universe, from my recently made dreams and visions. All that I had fought for in my adult life didn't get me the results I was looking for in the end. This just confused me and left me feeling lost on where to go next. I needed to be surrounded by something different, by a different vibe.

I was doing something and envisioning something that everything in my experience informed me was NOT available to me. I didn't know how to overcome that and yet I wanted it with all my being. I was still looking outside myself despite all the work. I knew I was missing something and if I just set out to find it with an open mind, it would appear. This I also knew.

Angie empowers you to really dig deep and become crystal clear around what makes your soul light up-she uncovers the brilliance allowing us to shine.

She leads by example of what it means to live with passion and purpose with true grace!

Thank you, finally, I have a clear vision of where I am headed. ~ Katrina Anderson

Spirit Awakening swooped in and felt like exactly what my soul was calling for, this was the vibe I needed. I felt like this group naturally gave me steps to dance with the Universe and find that connection again. It gifted me the experience of rising up with my inner force. I've always been able to understand that everything is connected but this group awakened a sense of connection to a higher self where I've transcended the limitation that others set for me and the world continually imposes.

I'm now in a time of soul revealing, where it feels like the veils have come away from my light that was always there. I physically feel different, as if my physical being has come alive - this is HUGE for me - and is now beginning to feel connected.

I have always been a person that has had trouble "conforming" to anything, which was often looked at as a nuisance to the people around me (sometimes even myself and especially the adults in my young life), participating in this group has taught me to trust this path and know that I can thrive outside the box. I've become comfortable with the uncomfortable and experienced growth like I've never known it before.

I'm so grateful to this sisterhood and Angie's love and guidance. I am a significantly better version of my self that has broken out of what felt so restrictive for so long. Remember that day I quit my job!!! There's still work to do but I know I'm on the right trajectory.~ Angie Brazeau

I am a lover of depth, where unearthing and truth begin to dance together. A tapestry weaver, entwining dreaming and living. A manifesting mistress. A high vibe change agent. I am a spirit who listens for the unspoken words, seducing your longings out of your soul, allowing you to integrate them back into your being. 

I am a soul that desires to guide yours when you are longing to: step fully into your best life, bring more of you into this world, rediscover the truth of your spirit, call forth compassion and deep self love arriving with an inner knowing of perfection within all of your sacred parts.

A woman integrating passion and purpose setting your soul on fire igniting the sparks which illuminate the path of dreaming your life awake. 

Creating, offering and holding space for women to circle together is a passion that I hold dear. Creating an experience that the other may integrate is a gift my heart is honoured to offer.

I am so happy you are here.

I'm Angie