The Feathers N Ferns Apothecary Tribe is a culmination of 9 years of hands on practice and study. It was inside of these years that I stepped fully into all that I am today.

So often in life we find ourselves back at a beginning which we had thought was a far off memory.
It circles back as we grow, expand and become ready for what’s next. And in doing so it reminds us of who we are.
Life is a journey, a circle which is always open, yet never broken and the path it lies before us is one spiralling inwards. Straight towards the truth of who we’ve always been.

Come wander the woods and return to who you’ve aways been.

while collecting baskets of goodness ready to create: a medicine chest stocked with homemade herbal remedies, an apothecary lined
with handcrafted tinctures, salves and teas. Imagine a pantry lined with botanical vinegars,oils and honeys. All of it infused with the flavour and medicine of fresh herbs.

All made by you, for you, with love.

Imagine playing in the woods and walking about the gardens...

Module 1: June - July - Aug

Module 2: Sept - Oct - Nov

Module 3: Dec - Jan - Feb

Starting at the beginning, Medicine Making

Introduction to Medicinal Preparations; Cultivating Relationships with Healing Plants; Infusions and Decoctions; Tinctures; Herbal Honeys and Syrups; Infused Medicinal Vinegars; Flower Essences; Guidelines for Foraging and Wildcrafting

Plant medicine in the kitchen, healing foods

Harvesting and Drying Herbs; WiId soups, Herbal Pestos, Sauces and Hummus; Digestive Bitters; Herbal Tea Combinations; Culinary Oils; Herbal Salts; Mushrooms

Infused Syrups(medicinal); Infused Oils and Salves; Facial Serums; Body Butters; Salt Scrubs; Bath Salts; Aromatherapy Sprays; Aromatic Massage Oils

Topical Herbal Preparations and Natural Beauty Care

2 online workshops each month.
Step-by-step instructions for each lesson, with vides, available online.

Recipes, including medicinal preparations, wild foods dishes, natural body care products and culinary herbal concoctions.

Self-paced learning – watch the videos and prepare the recipes as your interest and time permits. You can do them in order or jump to what speaks to you at any given time.

Daily support from myself within our online community
Taught by Angie Peladeau

This offering includes::

This is a membership opportunity that offers you 2 apothecary workshops each month, with daily support from me. 

Memberships are renewed every 3 months. This means you will receive 6 workshops every 3 months that are housed ON-LINE and available to you at your convenience which you can return to over and over FOR AS LONG AS YOU ARE A MEMBER.  

3 months - 6 workshops ONLY $111