Your heart has dreams just waiting to be realized

You're ready to live an empowered life filled with abundance

You’d like to cultivate a life that knows no limits

You're ready to release blockages, allowing money to flow into your life

You are ready to enter the gates to financial prosperity

you will be gently guided to Uncover and release your hidden stories and blocks that have been standing between you and the true abundance and prosperity you deserve.

How to Release Your Money Blocks & Open the Path to Financial Freedom 

~ Allowing your past to work for you
 ~ Unearthing the stories of our roots
 ~ Dare to dream
 ~ Living the Art of Allowing
 ~ Finding the gift within
 ~ Reflection - the art of looking back
 ~ The practise of noticing

Allowing you to open up to freedom and abundance.

when the separation between life, love and
 money is dissolved, life becomes a dance

Each of the 7 videos will guide you
through a process of transformation

Release what has been holding you back and holding your dreams hostage.

Gain clarity of what you desire. 

Develop a new understanding of your past. 

See all of the available possibilities.

Cultivate a new perspective realizing success.

STEP off of the sidelines of your life and into the life you have been longing for

you will receive:

1 - Instant access to all 7 videos.
2 - A downloadable Journal to work through each area
3 - An audio file allowing you to listen on the go


Years ago I set out to create a life free from the rat race,
one that would allow me to travel and plan my days on my terms,
days filled with family and friends.
I am so GRATEFUL TO BE ABLE TO to share with you, this HOMESTUDY offering that uncovers
a life of abundance and prosperity withOUT geographical limits.


so do I

words of inspiration from 

This morning Angie offered me the opportunity to share my journey with you, it was something that spoke to me as I have a passion in supporting other woman on their journey. Today it feels natural to jump in however not so long ago that would not have been the case. I’d love to share my story with you.

I am a wife and mother of 4 beautiful children. I am a daughter, a granddaughter a sister a friend. While all these roles mean the world to me! I felt and knew that there was something more out there for me. I was feeling as though something was missing. I longed to have something to call my own. Although, at times I felt guilty and selfish for feeling this way deep down in my heart I knew it was okay to have something just for me, something to call my own, something for myself that would allow me to become the very best version of me possible. I knew that it would lead to deeper relationships and would allow me to be the wife, mother and friend I wanted to be.

I am certain that many of you can relate on some level.
It was time for me to say YES to something new. Something that would allow my dreams to be fulfilled. I opened up to what was being shown to me, I opened to possibility and suddenly all of the pieces began to fall into place.

I saw an abundance of opportunity in front of me,
I had found a path that would bring me an abundance of time with my children
An abundance of time to nurture my relationship with my husband
An abundance of heath
An abundance of opportunity to grow personally
An abundance of opportunities to support others
And an opportunity to earn a beautiful income.

Saying yes to what was in front of me, made me feel so alive, like I never had before. I felt like this was truly me, the me that had just been waiting for me to say yes, it’s your time to shine.

With the support of my loving husband I embarked upon a journey in health and fitness. In doing this I was then given the opportunity to nurture and support other women just like you, women that were just like me. I became a health and fitness coach .

All of this scared the hell out of me because I had always had self esteem and self confidence issues. I was and still can be painfully shy at times. For most of my life I've avoided getting to know new people, joining any kind of group or social gathering. Even if it was something I really wanted to do, I let fear stand in my way. I'd look for any reason not to make a new friend or involve myself in something socially. Because of past relationships I had major trust issues and I let that take control of my entire life. But I knew I couldn't less this opportunity pass. An opportunity to help myself and other women on their journey, I needed to make this change no matter how scared I was.

I set out to do just that, I have never been more grateful for following my heart and my passion. ~ Amy Giff