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Nov 21, 2019



For years I’ve received messages asking, would you start a podcast. For years the response has been, one day.


The truth is, if we keep saying one day, it never happens. At some point, before we are ready, we must just begin. So here we are at the beginning and we are going to  dive into:

  • Why the name is what it is. “WTFU with Anige P”
  • What’s the significance and
  • What you can expect moving forward


I am so excited to have you join me on this journey.


My passion and my purpose in this life lives inside of  spirituality, personal growth doing the deep dives, removing the fluff and getting to the core of what is actually going on.


It has come as a result of many years of study with some of the greatest Eastern teachers I could ever dream of having access to, and the gifts that they have left me with.


These are the gifts I share, they have showed me how simple this life can be, how easy it can be, how much grace and joy and enjoyment we can experience inside of our days if ONLY we stopped with all of these lofty ideas and concepts that we in the Western world have begun to cling to and apply in our lives.


The greatest teaching I have ever understood to the core is, what a disservice we do to ourselves when we take these great teachings and new understandings that we have and then use them as a way to tell others why they are wrong, or why they are not doing what they should do, or we use them as a way to protect our selves from needing to go deep within ourselves to see what is actually going on.


In fact, we use them as a shield rather than using them as a tool to grow.


One of my greatest strengths and greatest gifts I offer others is that I share such a simplified explanation of what is going on within them, when they tend to use these lessons and teachings in ways that prevent them from learning and growing.


Enough of the spiritual bullshit. This is something I have been saying for years, and people often gasp saying “oh my god Angie, what are you talking about, spirituality is so necessary, and important.


In fact I could not agree more. It is incredibly important,


It is the core of my being, it is what I am passionate about, it is my purpose in this life.


However spirituality is just one more thing that we use to rationalize and justify our actions and behaviours. That is not what spirituality is about. Spirituality is a personal responsibility we have to ourselves to look within and see what needs to be seen so that we can grow forward.


Often it is used to prove something that allows us to stay stuck right where we are while at the same time trying to prove why there is something wrong with the other.


When I say enough of the spiritual bullshit, what I mean is, enough of using it to protect ourselves, enough using it to make ourselves sound better than or more important than or more intelligent than anyone else.


Something that I learned many years ago during one of the greatest challenges in my life is that, we are not any different than the other.


We have have different experiences in life but we are left with the same emotional impact from those experiences. The only difference is the subject matter. We are all living a life reacting from that internalized experience. When we are willing to see that about ourselves, we have more compassion for others and for ourselves. 


That’s when we begin to understand that we are indeed one. Which brings us to one more of those lofty concepts that holds little value until we are willing to acknowledge it inside of our times of discomfort and struggle to the same degree we do when everything feels perfect.


So while you and I may be in different places right now, we are on the same journey, we are walking the same path. the only thing that ever changes is the depth in which we experience it.


Neither of us is more right or wrong than the other and the only way we get to experience things at greater depths, with deeper understanding is when we are willing to see the truth of what is actually going on within us at any given moment.


Let me give you an example. Inside of my community, I bring together those who desire to grow, and that leads us through some amazing and fascinating conversations.


These people are able to be self-reflective and self-responsible and they have a deep desire to see what is happening within them and in fact is preventing them from living the lives they truly desire to live. One of the ways I bring them back to exploring that on deeper and deeper levels is when I offer a question and they come back with an answer that I would define as lofty.


By lofty, I mean:

  • Answers that sound really good to those hearing them.
  • It makes us sound good.
  • We sound like we have it all going on.
  • Like we know all the answers.
  • It’s also often over exaggerated and not clearly defined.


Lofty is when we give an answer so incredible that it makes it sound like there is nothing more for us to do and that we are already doing it perfectly.


When I ask them what’s  going on at the core when they give those answers they always come back with one of two responses.

  1. I am terrified to be judged
  2. I avoided answering the question because there is so much fear around what I might see.


That my friends is the golden nugget. That is the piece my heart desires to bring to yours because inside of that clear understanding of what it is you have been resisting, is where your major breakthroughs happen


This is the truth in my life, in the lives of those I sever and inside of that truth lives the freedom that you are actually longing for. AND that is what this podcast is all about.


I can’t wait to share with you on deeper and deeper levels.


I called it wake the fuck up because honestly we all just want to wake up and live extraordinary lives, we all want to feel joy filled and love filled and compassionate lives and in order to live that we truly just need to walk the fuck up in the best way possible.


I have always been uncomfortably ahead of my time and the name I choose for this podcast makes me slightly uncomfortable and that’s exactly why I knew I needed to call it what I called it. We all need this shift, we all need a wake up, and we need something that is going to shake us to the core to step into this next phase of consciousness. I know it what I need and therefore I know it’s what you need.


You’ve landed here for a reason. I don’t know what your reason was.

But maybe it was simply due to the name.

Maybe you were curious.


Maybe it wouldn’t have reached out and grabbed you the way it did if it was called Awakening With in, or Spirit Awakening, or Live Your Best Life or any other lofty fluffy name I could have come up with.


I’ve been asked over and over, “are you not worried about what people will think?”


Of course I am, I am human, it’s what we do. I am concerned what people will think, that’s why I knew this is exactly what I need to call it. Me worrying about what people think is going to happen no matter what I name it.


The deciding factor is that the name actually excites me, and it’s within the excitement that I know lives so much possibility and that’s why I’m committed to do the things that make me uncomfortable. We need the name, I’m willing to be uncomfortable in what I do so that we can all grow to the deepest levels possible.


I’d like to support you in beginning before you are ready!

I am gifting you my mini course 10 actions to living your deepest-desires absolutely FREEE as my way of saying thank you, for being on this journey with me.


Remember life is not meant to be hard.

Let it be easy



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