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When Your Consciousness Outgrows Your Current Reality.

September 25, 2019

The Great Undoing

Yesterday I promised I’d teach you how to fix the downward spiral that happens when your consciousness outgrows your current reality.
The undoing we spoke about. It truly is a gift. It is guiding you to who you are at the core.

Here’s the catch!

Most believe they are growing into something new. W R O N G
You are returning to who you have A L W A Y S been!
When you stop allowing your experiences and circumstances to define who you are, and how you show up in life, you move closer to what you want.
Let me uncomplicate it for you.

First, let’s look at this.


A Quick Overview Of The 5 Things Happening Which Perpetuate The Downward Spiral

that happen when when your consciousness outgrows your current reality


  1. FEAR of the actual undoing. What might you loose. Who might you loose. What will that mean. How might that look. Just because we want it, does not mean we do not fear it!
  2. UNCERTAINTY sets in, even though you want the growth, sub-consciously your mind is saying I do not want the responsibilities of what that new way of being requires of me.
  3. RESISTANCE: Where you are NOW is new and unknown which means is it resisted by your mind.
  4. NON-DOING creates unsettle in the nervous system. Inside a season of undoing, when your consciousness has expanded, you literally know there is nothing to DO, that it is… simply what it is and the simplicity of it is extremely unsettling.
  5. They all play together. There is a fear of the uncertainty which creates a resistance to allowing the non-doing to continue and that perpetuates the downward spiral. This is also where you will notice you tend to sabotage yourself.


Can you see how your past is holding you hostage right from the get go?

Returning to #1 What might you loose? Who might you loose? What will that mean? How might that look? Your past no matter how undesirable and unstable at the time, is something your mind and body know how to get through. So they make it their job to keep you there rather than let you propel yourself forward into what is uncertain (no matter how good it is) 


These are the 5 things you are going to begin to practice today.

Pinky Promise?

I promise you that if you do, the season of undoing will shorten, the discomfort will lesson and your current reality with quickly catch up with you expanded consciousness.


1- Believing In Yourself

I want you to acknowledge truer truths about yourself.

Write down all the reasons that you know: in fact you CAN.


I call this previous proof. Looking back, consider 10 things that you were not sure if you’d ever be able to do and you DID. List them out as your own personal proof, that you can and HAVE.


Don’t get caught up in the fact that the past proof may seem like it has nothing to do with your current desires (trust me they are connected)


2- Positive Talk

This is probably the most important thing to become aware of. Listen to how you THINK and talk, are you focusing on what you CAN do?


Even when you are being positive, notice the sub conscious thoughts that sneak in creating a negative/heavy feeling. Notice any thoughts or feeling of I can’t, I don’t know how, this is hard.


I want you to replace them with questions. This is what I call the flip.

Instead of going into the downward spiral of “I can’t” and thinking about all the reasons you can’t, you are going to ask yourself “How CAN I?”

Replace I don’t know how with, “What do I need to learn, or who can I ask for support?”

Any negative thought or talk…..replace it immediately with a question.


3- Tell Yourself, This Is Easy

Pinky swear to never again listen to the idea of, this is hard and instead ask yourself, “How can I make this easier?”


4- Be Clear On What You Desire

Clarity is what invites ease. When you are clear on what you desire and how you want it to look….. you will know when you have achieved it.


Let’s pause for a moment. Consider this. How many times in your past have you dropped the ball because you got sick of feeling like you were hitting balls but weren’t moving around the bases? That happens when clarity is missing.


Here’s my #1 rule for desires. It is never a thing! Do not name a thing that you want to have or achieve. You will set yourself up for failure, and this is why. Once you get it, something will happen and it will not last. It will be one more story your mind latches onto, to show you proof of why you can’t.


You are going to get clear on HOW you desire to feel inside of your life, relationships and work. Start writing about how that feeling feels, and how a day living inside of the feeling would look.


5- Let Go Of The How And When

Attachment and expectation are the devils work. If you truly desire to move forward and grow into the life you long for, letting go of HOW you think it’s going to happen, will bring it to you with incredible ease. Releasing your expectation of when you are going to “get” it, will let it come to you twice as fast.


This is why. Your plan of how and when is naturally creating resistance to everything else that could be bringing it to you. Let’s go back to that question you are going to ask yourself “How can I make this easier?”

Let go of the how and when!


OK. We’ve covered a lot.

I’ve shared a lot with you here. Before you do anything else share in the comments below and tell me your answer to HOW do you desire to feel inside of your life, relationships and work. Or private message me HERE




Your mind is hanging onto all the reasons, all the negative previous proof you have as to why you can’t and why it won’t work. You are going to do the flip I spoke of right here. You’re not going to allow this to be one more thing that didn’t work. You are going to do the work and make it work so that your current reality becomes the new norm of expanded consciousness! 


Can I get an AMEN?

I see you, I love you, I am you.

Life’s not meant to be hard.

xo Angie


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