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Why believing Struggles are a part of life is highjacking your joy!

August 23, 2019

The struggles are part of life and are where our greatest growth lies, she responded when I said: “Life is not meant to be hard”.


Have you ever had that feeling of, of course that would happen to me?


Or… here we go again.


Perhaps… I’m not even surprised by it anymore.


Has it ever came out like… why does this keep happening to me?


I was 29, sitting having a tea with a girlfriend. 


Between us we had 7 children running about. 


Life seemed to be a continual loop of getting through one challenge and then being launched into the next.


It had simply become a way of life. It was one big management system. 


It was just getting through the days. It was keeping all the balls in the air.


I’d simply smile at life, literally, I would look up, smile and say out loud, “of course this would happen to me”.


I somehow thought having a positive attitude towards it was a badge of honour. I believed that struggle was where growth lived and if I just accepted that, things would get better.


When I said struggle is normal, it made life feel more manageable and the struggle didn’t feel so personal.


If it stopped surprising me, I couldn’t be thrown off track!


Years would go by and there I was saying the same 3 lines.


“Of course that would happen to me”


“Hang on, here we go again”


“I’m not even surprised”


After all, these three lines had gotten me through a life full of traumas.


The running joke amongst friends was, you should write a book but it would have to be fiction because no one would believe that all of this happened to you!


Something I began to understand was if you want a better answer you have to ask a better question. 


My questions became, “Is the struggle actually what is required to grow?”


“Does this need to happen to me?”


“Do I want to go through this again?”


“Do I choose to accept this?”


Changing out one word changed EVERYTHING.


What I hadn’t been paying attention to was the impact a simple sub-conscious belief was having on my life. I had thought I was being positive. I wasn’t complaining. I stepped up to the plate and held my own through each and every struggle.


Managing life became less than desirable. 


Struggle did not bring me joy, fulfillment, or purpose. 


  • It did not strengthen my relationships or add value to my life. 
  • It did not support me in being the woman, mother or wife I wanted to be. 
  • In fact, it kept all of that from me.


Struggle being the keyword here. When a person experiences struggle, it will be hard. 


If a person is given an OPPORTUNITY there isn’t resistance to it, and it is used to move us forward in a positive way, which is where there is no need for it to be “hard”!


It comes down to, Eastern vs Western understanding/ thinking. 


In the west our conditioned learning leads us to what is the most difficult, we label what we do not desire as struggle.


Struggle = Hard


“The struggles are part of life and are where our greatest growth lies” there is accuracy in this, however, the growth is simply of MORE OF THE SAME……Struggle.


Ask a better question, “What are the opportunities available to me in this situation?” This is the thinking, understanding, and attitude of Eastern culture.


It all comes down to energy.



When the mind looks for opportunity the resistance to the undesired reality dissolves, it is no longer undesired.


The sub-conscious program of struggle is replaced with opportunity.


Energetically you are now aligned with desirable outcomes and by default break the cycle of the struggle coming into your life. 


The most common experience and emotion will always be the most prevalent in your life. 


“Why does this keep happening to me?” 


How often have you witnessed people that seemingly have bad luck, continually have bad luck?


How often have you seen lucky people continually be lucky?


The easy answer to why both happen is because they believe it is just how life is!


You get to, Consciously Create The Life You Desire


Do you choose to believe that, the struggles are part of life and are where our greatest growth lies?




Do you choose to believe that, life is not meant to be hard and find the opportunities inside of each situation?


There are 9 Key Areas of life. In choosing what you want to experience inside of each area you will notice that suddenly, that is EXACTLY what you are experiencing. 





PS Join me in this video where I share with you how I Consciously Create The Life I Desire

and then move through the 9 Key Areas of life to support those desires.



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