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What if There Were NO Rules?

April 30, 2019

It was Aug 3, 2018, that I would share a, straight to the point rather abrupt post that would change everything. Rather than trying to improve what has already transformed so many lives I am going to share it with you just as it was… and then we will expand upon it.

*warning, high energy words were embraced!


Angie RANT – hang on!!!

I need to say it straight up.

There are no rules.

End of conversation.


You do not need A before you get to have B, or C, or D, or E, or ALL of them at the same time!

There is no order to success.

NO ONE can tell you how to do it OR do it for you.


There is no email list, funnel, web site, opt in, trip wire or any other bullshit required to make your business widely successful.

ANYTIME, ANYONE tells you that you MUST have or do ANYTHING in order be successful, RUN, that is a lack mentality scare tactic because they need your money.

Success in life and business does not come from connecting the dots. It comes from CONNECTING WITH SOMETHING MUCH GREATER than that.


You connect with YOU, you ALIGN, you DECIDE, you SHOW UP…..

over and over and over again no matter what and you do the dam work.

You wake up tomorrow and you connect with YOU, you ALIGN, you DECIDE, you SHOW UP all over again and you don’t stop.


If it feels like hell when you do it, STOP. What would make you think it’s going to work when it feels like that?

If it feels icky to you, it will feel icky to others, STOP doing it.

QUIT playing by their rules, pull on your g string and make your own rules and then go work it – over and over and over. It’s that easy! (that’s my rule and it works because I decided it does)


Ok deep breath. Feel into all of that.

Feel the release, feel the freedom, feel the relief.


Let’s expand upon this:

I’ll begin by asking you, what if there were no rules?

What would you stop doing immediately?

What would you start doing immediately?

What in your life would look very different than it does at this time?


There are no rules. Not in life, not in love and not in business.

There are no rules to success, to abundance, to prosperity.

There is nothing you must do before you can have, do or get anything else.

There is no checklist or task list.

There is no special formula.


You get to have it, do it, be it and achieve it simply because you do.

How does it feel as that sinks into your energetic field?

What are you doing right now in your life simply because someone has made you believe that it is necessary in order for you to ____ (whatever it is your chasing)?

How does doing that thing make you feel?

Does it make you feel expansive and light?


Does it make you feel constricted and heavy?

Whatever it is you are doing if it feels constrictive……STOP doing it immediately.


I know you are working so hard on your goals. I know it feels counterproductive to stop. I also know that you will get there ten times faster if you stop doing for doing sake and you begin….

Taking the time to move forward only from aligned actions.


Aligned actions are the power punch. They are the move the needle. They are the let it be easy ways.

If you’re thinking to yourself what the heck is she talking about OR if you’re feeling your frustration increase as you sit there thinking I am in alignment….. stay with me here.

Aligned actions do not come from the mind. You cannot think them up. Aligned actions are when you tap in and turn on to your highest self. You take whatever time is needed to receive the message, the download, the guidance. You wait for it and you do not act until it has arrived.


Warning… when it lands upon you, chances are it will not cause a warm fuzzy feeling. You will probably think something along the lines of I couldn’t do that, or are you kidding? It’s going to feel like a stretch, it always does.


However, it will move you directly towards why it is you are meant to be doing. You will never be lead astray and it will always be ten times easier than you ever imagined simply because it is aligned.

Take some time to consider the questions I asked you earlier.


If there were no rules:

What would you stop doing immediately?

What would you start doing immediately?

What in your life would look very different than it does at this time?



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